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Arizona Firearms Training for Youth

Our American youth are the future of our country. Every youngster should know the basics of firearm safety, what to do if they see or find a firearm, be familiar with what a firearm can do, and respect the power and capabilities firearms have. We offer firearm training for youth, allowing pistol and .22 rifle shooting in a safe family friendly environment. Just call or email for more information.

When a child has a firearm accident it is usually due to curiosity and lack of knowledge. Parents play the most important role in teaching their children safe practices and are ultimately responsible for the behavior and safety of their children. Because isolated lessons and concepts can be quickly forgotten, repetition will help children remember standard safety procedures.

Parents can teach their children the Eddie Eagle program at home. Simply call the Eddie Eagle Program at 800-231-0752 and request a sample kit. Each kit includes a copy of the student workbook, instructor's guide, program statistics, a description of materials, an order form, and the Parents Guide to Gun Safety brochure.

For more information go to Information for Parents

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program teaches children in pre-K through third grade four important steps to take if they find a gun. These steps are presented by the program's mascot, Eddie Eagle, in an easy-to-remember format consisting of the following simple rules:

If you see a gun: STOP!

Don't Touch.

Leave the Area.

Tell an Adult.

The Boy Scouts of America also has a firearm training program for youths, see

NRA Provides Safe Firearm Training to Boy Scouts

Always remember, your safety is our priority!

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